Dog Eating Habits: A Guide

06 Oct

Anytime you see your dog eating grass or dirt, there are chances that all is not well depending on the amounts and the number of times it eats the dirt or the grass in question. One would also need to note when it eats the dirt in question. As a matter of facts, one should not always panic bearing in mind that puppies at times eat dirt when they are bored. So anytime you come across vomit that has an unusual color, you ought not to panic but need to start looking at the dog in question closely. The puppy is more like a child and wants to try anything around it and use its tongue to verify whether it is a delicacy or not. It may be normal for the dog to eat poop, grass, dirt, tissue, paper, and sticks among other things out of boredom.

However, one would need to note that where a dog is eating a lot of dirt and grass may be an indication that the dog has a problem. One would note that the dog may be having a nutritional deficiency and for that matter, some specific minerals. Anytime dog feel like it has a nutritional imbalance, it tends to feed on grass and soil and hence one would need to make sure that he or she improves on the diet of the dog in question. Can I give bananas for dogs?

The dog may also eat grass when it has infections and digestive imbalance issues. When a dog is suffering from an intestinal imbalance, or even when it has stomach disturbances as a result of parasites, it may eat grass and dirt. One would need to also examine the gums of the dogs in question to evaluate whether there is any sign of anemia something that makes the dog to like dirt. The dog in question may also be suffering from inflammatory bowel disease mainly caused by a deficiency in vitamin B in their bodies. IBD is mainly signaled by bright red blood in stool, fatigue, weight loss, depression, diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

The dog may also be seeking attention from its master. Even as you train the dog, you would need to make sure that every positive behavior is rewarded and negative behavior is punished. Where you punish the dog for eating dirt, there are high chances that it will stop eating dirt and grass. One would, however, need to know that the dog could be suffering from a chronic disease such as hypothyroidism and hence need to ensure that you seek vet attention. The pup may be experiencing dry and flaky fur and skin, intolerance to cold, recurring skin infection, mental dullness, lethargy and general weakness. Learn more here!

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